Immortal virtuality !

If we try to intercept all our neurons by tiny manmade nanotransceivers, that can figure out where they are in the brainnetwork, it's just a question of high fidelity representation of all patterns in the brain within, by a computer that is able to download and upload experiences and memory from and to the biobrain.

The outside represented brainpattern is similar to the real conscienceness of the biotissue of your good old fleshborn body.

And when our biological body starts to fail and deteriorate through age, we can (slowly) take over the biobrain by our sythetic brainpattern in the computer, and live our lives furher in the blessing of virtuality, giving up our deceased flesh.

If this brainpattern can be stored, we as humans, the facto have reached immortality.

It is not really necessary to get yourself back into a cloned body, because robotting can deliver the same manipulation of material needed to maintain our life(computer)systems.

And because people go virtual virtual at the end of their biolife, there are no limits to our natural environment anymore, cause cyberexperiencing at that time will be more real than reality itself.

indeed, as the bible scriptures say:

a new earth and a new heaven !!